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Parry Automobile - 1910

Advertisement created by Maxwell O. Parry


The Parrys were not as successful in the automobile business. There was a lot of competition out there in the early days. D.M. Parry was tinkering with automobiles as early as the mid-1892s. The company developed a motorized cart-chair. He did not get serious until about 1906 when he became President of the Overland Automobile. D.M. sold Overland Automobile to John N. Willys in 1909 and the company then became Willys-Overland. The automobile business was in its early stages and D.M. felt there still was a great future in the auto business and started the Parry Auto Company in 1908-1910. Due to financial problems again the company became Motor Car Manufacturing Co. and began producing "The New Parry". In 1911-1917 Parry was then making the Pathfinder Automobile. By 1917 business had slipped and the Parrys were no longer manufacturing automobiles.


The Pathfinder was produced from 1911 to 1917 when the company went out of business.

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