Adelbert A. Rivers
1857 - 1922


Index of Families: Chittenden, Fielding, Rivers, Seega, Tupper



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1- Joseph RIVERS b. 1828 d. ?  Civil War records indicate he was born in 
       Clinton County, NY
     m- Josephine NEWTON b. ? d. 1868
                         Thurman RIVERS b. in Redford, NY
                         Josephine RIVERS b. Redford, NY
                         Allen RIVERS b. Redford, NY
                         Adelbert Alberto RIVERS
     2-  Adelbert Alberto RIVERS b. 27 Nov 1857, Redford, NY
             d. 2 Aug 1922 in Duane, NY 
          m- Ann SELKIRK, on 3 Jul 1879, b. 19 Jul 1858 in Canada, 
             d. 31 Mar 1934 in Malone, NY,
                         Charles Alexander RIVERS
                         Clarence Addison RIVERS, b. 1 Jul 1896, Duane, NY
                            d. 31 Oct 1958, Northville, MI
                         Clara Ann RIVERS, b. 4 Jan 1899, Duane, NY
                            m. 25 Jun 1924,   
                         Henry Austin RIVERS, b. 21 Feb 1901, Duane, NY
                            d. 7 Jun 1974, Malone, NY
       3-  Charles Alexander RIVERS, b. 23 Apr 1880, Duane, NY,
                  d. 15 Jun 1949 in Altamont, NY
              m: Laurinda Ann TURNER b.29 Oct 1881 Bethlehem, NY, d. 6 Dec 1962
                   in Salisbury, MA, m. on 26 Jan 1900 in Tupper Lake, NY, 
                   divorced on 21 Apr 1924
                         Walter Alexander RIVERS, b. 28 Sep 1902 Franklin County, NY,
                             d. May 1983, m. Mable MC BRIDE, on 4 Apr 1925
                         Charles Alexander RIVERS, Jr. (see 4 below)
                         Grace Ann RIVERS,b. 26 Dec 1905 Albany County, NY, d. ?
                            m. Ernest JONES on 17 Nov 1934
                         James Willard RIVERS, b. 20 Feb 1908, in Albany Count, NY,
                            d. 1965 in Anchorage, Alaska, m. Dorothy ZIEHM in 1942
                         Clarence Andrew RIVERS, b. 3 Jan 1910 in Albany County, NY,
                            d. 13 Jul 1979 in Albany County, NY, m. Helen HOOD 
                            on 2 Sep 1933 
                         Adelbert Earl RIVERS, b. 21 Feb 1911, Albany County, NY
                            m. Effie HARDSTY on 24 Nov 1943
                         Carl Amos RIVERS, b. 18 Apr 1912 in Albany County, NY, d. Nov 1998
                            m. Ruth WALTERS about 1936
                         Robert Bauman RIVERS, b. 30 Sep 1918 in Albany County, NY,
                            m. Lorraine ROSENBERG on 18 Jan 1941
                         Joseph RIVERS, 16 Jun 1916 in Albany County, NY, d. 1916 
                            in Albany County, NY
                         Gordon Vernon WHITNEY, 23 Feb 1921 Dearborn, MI, d. 29 Oct 1998 
                            m. (1) Helen SWEEZY, May 1941 (2) Anne PEACOCK,
                         Clifford RIVERS, b. 11 Feb 1923 in Dearborn, MI, 
                            d. 1923, Dearborn, MI
           4- Charles Addison RIVERS, Jr., b. 6 Mar 1904, Franklin County, NY,
               d. 2 Jul 1973.  Buried in Albany County, NY
               m. (1) Ida (Edith) SEEGA, b. 8 Jun 1903 in Siemienau,Germany, 
                       d. Mar 1994, divorsed on 21 Apr 1934
                                Charles Herman RIVERS, b. 17 June 1929, Albany, NY, Living
                   (2) Edith SHARP
                          Children: Roberta RIVERS, Living
                                     Kenneth RIVERS, Living
                   (3) Helen FRAMPTON
               5- Charles Herman RIVERS, b. 17 Jun 1929 - Living
                   m. Sylvia Margaret TUPPER, 29 Jun 1950, b. 25 Jun 1933 
                       in San Francisco, CA - d. 19 Oct 1999, Auburn, CA
                                Jamie Patrice RIVERS - Living
                                Charles Paul RIVERS - Living
                                Randall Gary RIVERS - Living
Index of Families: Chittenden, Fielding, Rivers, Seega, Tupper

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